Rise Exhibition

RISE Exhibition , Inverness Museum and Art Gallery May 10th -18th 2019.

All At Sea – Installation at the beginning of the exhibition
‘Systems constellation’ at the end of the exhibition
Water box and constellations

The opening of the degree show for BA Hons Contemporary Art and Contextulalised Practice.

My latest body of work has taken three different formats; curation, design of a live public art installation and a sensory immersive installation. They are connected by the theories of Joseph Beuys’s ‘Social Sculpture’, Deleuze and Guattari’s ‘Syntax of space’ and Timothy Morton’s ‘Dark Ecology’.  

Volcano Island  highlighted the role of art practice in creating fluid thought systems.

The Calder to the Spey celebrates the Speyside Way walking route and Newtonmore. The design was developed through community consultation. The piece uses sunlight and rain to provide an unexpected, ever changing yet rhythmical element to the work. That connects the viewer to the moment and the larger solar system. it aimed to provide a different aspect on approach from different angles, lights and weather.

All at Sea – Distance and Proximity is a sensory installation based on constellations, water and waves. These universal themes reflect the systems on which humans rely to live and how they perceive their environment. While also mirroring the fluid nature of brian activity that constantly reassesses our experiences to form perceptions. 

Inspired by the role the sea plays in connecting the harbours of home and away and  human reliance on it to absorb rising carbon emissions. The space grants the audience agency to interact with the elements, absorb through the senses and create an alternative to static systems, a social sculpture.

The sound track mixed by Micheal Gough combines the BBC Shipping News forecasts , ‘Sailing By’ and waves, to conjure a sense of wellbeing even in rough weather.