A collaborative project by Claire Macdonald, Ann Vastano and the people of Kincraig, Highland.

Frameworks transformed the shop windows into a mini museum while the building was under renovation. The shop had lain empty for over a year due to red tape. The community mourned the loss of the only shop in the village. Frameworks allowed the community to reconnect and create a centre piece for the tourist village while the renovations took place. This project which was researched to find that 94% of people who witnessed the work experienced a greater sense of wellbeing. The project succeeded in turning a negative feeling within the community into a positive destination for locals and tourists alike before the renovations into a thriving cafe/gallery took place.

The Beginning

Take A Closer Look in the Winter window invited the viewer to ‘keek’ into the shop windows to discover the story of the shop in miniature models providing an intimate moment of surprise and discovery.