All At Sea – Distance and Proximity

Gallery Installation at IMAG (Inverness Museum and Art Gallery) as part of the RISE Exhibition 2019.

All at Sea – Distance and Proximity is a sensory installation based on constellations, water and waves. These universal themes reflect the systems on which humans rely to live and how they perceive their environment. While also mirroring the fluid nature of brian activity that constantly reassesses our experiences to form perceptions. 

Inspired by the role the sea plays in connecting the harbours of home and away and  human reliance on it to absorb rising carbon emissions.

The space granted the audience opportunities to experience and discover the environment while reflecting on human impact on the planet. The floor was unstable and reacted to the pressure of human footprints.

The sound track combining the BBC Shipping News, Ronald Binge’s Sailing By and wave sounds was mixed by Michael Gough. The shipping news was chosen for its association with wellbeing and clam as well as its vital weather information aiding vessels in stormy seas.

Listen and download here:

A social sculpture, made of everyday packaging material, evolved during the exhibition as a metaphor for an alternative to current static social systems.

The piece centred on wellbeing, on a global and individual level, using the themes outlined below:

Water, humans are built of it and rely on it to survive. It connects the continents and every small harbour. Humans rely on the sea to absorb excess carbon emissions, however the sea is at capacity.

Waves that carry information, light, sound, gravity and water enable humans to perceive their environment.

Constellations, human perception and resulting action is a highly complex process that is currently believed to utilise a constellation of both ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ information and experience held within the brains’ architecture.

Constellation mobile created from packaging and tea tags with wellbeing messages
Shoes were removed to experience the sensory floor
Exploratory water box created ripples on the ceiling
Morse code oscillators representing systems of communication and emergency
Tea chest discovery drawers,
housing materials to add to the sculpture and the smell of the sea.