The Breathing Space

The Breathing Space installation took place in a disused shop space within Inverness Victorian market. It aimed to create respite from stressful Christmas shopping by providing a calm haven to rest and recuperate.

At the heart of winter wellbeing in the north of Scotland is receiving enough daylight. The installation was sponsored by Lumie S.A.D. lamps which offered a dose of winter sunshine to provide an added health benefit.

The river arose as the underlying theme for the piece due to the river Ness that runs through the heart of Inverness and the sense of wellbeing felt by the artist while walking by the local river. The map of it’s course formed the ripped sections and naturally created a landscape horizon.

The inspiration for the piece came from a long shopping spree. Unable to find a place to sit and ‘be’ the positive experience quickly became a negative one. The impending Christmas shop transformed from a feeling of celebration to one of dread.

Sponsored by Lumie and Highland New Start.

Installation in disused shop space