An installation piece for Inside Out : Outside In exhibition supported by Circus Artspace, at the Gym Hall, Inverness Creative Academy/WASPS studios.

This exhibition explored how our connection with other people and our surrounding environment informs our emotional and general wellbeing. Alongside four other artists from Moray and Highland, work was presented in a variety of media including; film, sculpture, painting, installation and a participatory event, to understand often fragile internal and external dialogues. The artworks considered overlooked or hidden aspects of our lives and daily rituals to reach an understanding of personal experiences which are, at the same time, universal.

Left – Six Degrees of Separation series by Madeleine Daly. Right – Lifeline by Claire Macdonald

Lifeline considered the foundations of wellbeing through daily rituals of maintenance and repair. It drew on our relationship with the outdoors to support health and reflected on how we can support nature through small repeated actions.

Visible mending (inspired by Flora Collingwood Norris)
Unraveling Grief
Larch ball – created by wind and loch water repeatedly rolling fallen larch needles
Storm Damage
Image-Kirsten Body

Visible mending – celebrates the life of the item, it’s history, and the time, patience required to repair.

There was an air of celebration in gathering to chat and learn together over a cup of tea and cake. The mending circle was poignant as a reflection of the process of recovery. Acknowledging that none of us will be the same post pandemic and that it takes care, time and patience to mend.