Walls for Wellbeing

An ongoing commission for the panelled dining room in a heritage house.

The walls were designed to inspire wellbeing in the owners particularly in the dark winter days. The images were developed around the four seasons and subjects that are of meaning to the people that live in the house. The traditional style was chosen to honour the house.

The design was particularly challenging in making the room work as a whole. The colours needed to flow between seasons and subject matter, with landscapes in mostly portrait apertures, some of which were very thin.

Spring wall -Artic terns, 1.75m x 0.45m
Chosen for their incredible migration
Spring migration – Pink footed geese 1.75m x 0.82m – Acrylic
Salisbury Craggs – Winter wall and Spring wall – Artic Terns, Kyleakin and Saucy Mary’s Castle.
Autumn wall
Kilt rock, Skye, 1.75m x 0.84m, acrylic
Glencoe, 1.90m x 105m, acrylic.
Reflections on Autumn, 1.75m x 0.75m and Thistles, 1.75m x 0.50m, acrylic